Thursday, 15 May 2014

Melt In The Mouth Butter Cookies [Eggless] : Snacks

Never knew baking would be addictive and so much of fun until a dear friend pushed me to try something on a bored day. To start with she suggested me to try the eggless butter cookies with minimum ingredients and a very easy process to follow. All this while my oven didn't do much other than heating milk, water and food. So this friend helped me a little on oven settings and functions, as we both had the same brand and model too. Thank You Varshini :) 

Here is an easy to make melt in mouth butter cookies that could be made in less than 30 minutes !

Melt In The Mouth Butter Cookies

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Aloo Mattar / Potato Peas Masala : Side Dish

It is so coincidental that my previous recipe was Gobi Mattar and today I will be sharing the recipe of Aloo Mattar. Day by day my cooking gets better - You have to trust me ;) and now I believe it is all about practice that makes a dish perfect. This is not the first time I am making Aloo Mattar but it tasted the best this time, so I had to share the recipe here. I really do not update here often but every time I come here I tell myself that I have to be regular. Hoping for the best I shall share the recipe right away :)

P.S - I didn't intend to do the post when I actually started making this curry, so do bear with the silly pic.

Aloo Mattar Masala