About Me

I am a novice when it comes to cooking and cooking has always been a nightmare to me. After I got married I started trying few simple dishes and all turned out to be disastrous and that is how cooking became my rocket science.

I always believed that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Though I am already filled in hubby's heart, I wanted to fill the nook and corner of his tummy as well ;) So I didn't give up cooking and started trying out dishes with the help of my friends, my aunt Tara and their support.

In spite of going through a lot of criticism and humiliations, one fine day I made it !!! The dishes were neither excellent nor disastrous but just eatable :) I never stopped and then there was some sunshine in my kitchen. The dishes turned out to be really good.

I am sharing such dishes with you all and also I believe my story would motivate any novice like me to find their way to a man/women/kid/mum/dad/in-laws/whoever u want it to be 's heart :)

Happy Cooking  Experimenting :)